About Us

We’re horse owners and we were passionate about finding a better way to keep our horses safe. The traditional Rail and Post system was labour-intensive, high maintenance, and expensive.

We knew there was a better way, and we found it. Exported to countries around the world, Flexible fencing is used by horse owners in Australia, France and the US, and it’s now available in New Zealand.

We’ve used Flexifence for some time and you’re welcome to come and view, or just get in touch with any questions.

We are a father daughter duo located just out of Ashburton in Canterbury, situated on a small lifestyle block that is home for a group of horses.

When we had bought our property, it had old unsafe wire fencing which led us to ripping it all out and starting afresh with a blank canvas. Since safety was our number one priority, we were keen on post and rail or some form of flexible rail. However, after doing the maths, post and rail was outside of our budget due to the number of posts needed and the fact that everything had to be painted and electrified.

We also liked the idea of a flexible fencing solution as had seen it used at other properties. We wanted something that was visible and strong unlike the narrow tape and pig tails we had been using which commonly found us returning horses back to their paddocks after making an escape.

Since our core business is importing, we searched the world to find a more cost-effective solution from a trusted international supplier. After much research and discussions, we finally selected a supply partner that manufacturers for the world market, including the USA, Australia, France, and Europe.

It was important to us that we used the material for sometime before we could recommend it to anyone. Once it arrived and after a few full days, it was up in no time and the horses have been safely secured since.

A couple years on and having done UV testing we are now ready to launch FlexiFenceNZ into the NZ market as an affordable and safer option for horse fencing.

We want others to benefit from what worked so well for ourselves.