Flexifence NZ Electric Fencing


- 108mm width with three 2.5mm Hot Galvanised Steel high tensile wires
- Rolls of 200 metres

$950 ex GST ($4.75 per metre)

Line Bracket


- It is reinforced with steel on the inside and comes with two mounting screws.
- This is used as the middle and lower insulator on each post to hold the fence in place. It comes complete with two mounting screws.

$3.75 ex GST

Top Line Bracket


- It is steel with a plastic insulator insert.
- Comes complete with two mounting screws.
- This is used at the top of each line post.

$4.15 ex GST

Top Corner Bracket


- Similar to the inside corner bracket but this one is used on the top of the post.
- Connects over top of the post and on the inside, making it stronger.
- Comes complete with two large mounting bolts and insulating washers.

$14.25 ex GST

Inside Corner Bracket


- This is a heavy duty bracket used for the middle and lower corner areas on the inner post. This works well for high tension.
- Comes complete with two large mounting bolts and insulating washers.

$14.50 ex GST

End Bracket


- End post attaching bracket.
- This attaches the Flexifence to the post at each end.
- Comes complete with one large bolt and insulating washer.

$15.00 ex GST



- Mid fence joining connector.
- Used to join two pieces of Flexifence together.

$13.50 ex GST

T intersection Bracket


- This T Bracket is used where the fence line has a direct Flexifence and another coming off at 90 degrees.
- Comes complete with two large mounting bolts and insulating washers.

$15.95 ex GST



- It is predominantly fitted once Flexifence is attached at each end.
- This can also join two pieces of the fencing together and tensions the line of fence.
- Using the Tension Ratchet Tool Z108-010, it is an easy process to tension the fence.
- Comes complete with two stainless steel pins.

$20.00 ex GST

Tension Ratchet Tool


- This tool attaches onto the tensioner to tension the line of fence.
- Comes complete with two Ratchets and a long U shaped handle.

$60 ex GST

FlexiFence NZ Rolling Tray


- The roll of fencing is placed on this tray and allows it to be unrolled easily. Similar to a fece wire spinning jenny.

$300 ex GST

Flexifence Rail Bending Tool


- This is a Hand Held tool that is used to bend the rail when fitting the end brackets like Z108-006.

$39.00 ex GST

We stand behind our product and are prepared to replace any faulty parts. Inclusive of the Flexifence NZ roll, brackets and other equipment.

Due to there being a large surface area of the fence (108mm in width), this makes it safer for the horse if it was to run into the fencing. It also makes it more visible, reducing the risk of an accident happening as the horse can see the fencing better compared to wire or tape.

With the top wire in the fence being able to be made electric this ensures that the horse respects the fence and avoids them leaning on or damaging it physically. If a horse is to kick it, it flexes with their force, reducing the harm compared to a solid fence.

It is particularly favourable to have around the outside of an arena for this instance.

Flexifence NZ has been put to the test for approximately 2 years at our property under our own experience, in this time we have had numerous horses that are “hard on things” and like to challenge new products… After using this fencing, no more horses have escaped, ran through fences or had fencing related injuries.

Please contact us for more information.

Safer for Horses

One of the biggest benefits of the flexible fence system is that it’s much safer for the horses.

The polyethylene fencing is strong, with high-tensile embedded wiring, but flexible enough that if a horse panics there is much less risk of injury.

The length of fencing can extend twice as far as traditional railing between posts, yet still provide a secure barrier that can flex under pressure.  

Product Details

Flexifence NZ is a cost effective solution compared to similar fencing materials on the market. Our fencing is made from High Density Polyethylene which is a strong and durable plastic that resists cracks and other typical wear and tear. It is UV treated and tested for NZ conditions. It consists of three Galvanised Steel High Tensile wires that are 2.5mm in diameter. The top wire on this fencing can also be made electric. Flexifence NZ is 108mm high and 1.8mm thick which comes in rolls of 200 meters.

There are 7 brackets that can be used to install the fencing.

These include:

  • Line Bracket
  • Top Line Bracket
  • Corner Bracket
  • Top Corner Bracket
  • T Bracket
  • Tensioner
  • End Bracket
  • Joiner
  • Tension Ratchet Tool
  • Fence Rolling Tray
  • Hand Bending Tool

Every bracket is sold with insulators and all of the required mounting hardware such as screws and bolts.

It is easy to install and can be done yourself.